Welcome to Yogi Baby - a Concept 15 Years in the Making!

Welcome to Yogi Baby and thank you for stopping by!  Like many moms, I am extremely picky about the things my babies and children wear, use and play with.  I remember when my first daughter was a baby, I would spend hours cutting and loosening the elastic on her clothing, fretting over the tabs on her diaper poking her legs and the stitching on her clothing being too scratchy.  As she got older, I worried about the chemicals in the toys she loved to put in her mouth, and so on and so on.  

Over the course of the last 15 years and 5 children, I could probably fill a landfill with the baby clothing and products I've tried that DON'T work.  So much wasteful trial and error.  It occurred to me how silly it is that new moms have to go through this and how helpful it would be to have a resource where experienced moms could share their wisdom, insights and favorite things with other moms.  One place to go where you could read reviews and trust all the products being sold.  That is what I hope to bring you with Yogi Baby. A shopping experience that is fun, calming and easy.

This blog will serve as a place that I, and other guest blogger moms, can share our experience and opinions on baby products, updates about Yogi Baby and some personal parenting stories.  I will share with you all the products that I have found that I love and continue to search for new products to try out and review.  I'm so happy to share my dream with you and thank you for your support!  

Christine <3