Yogi Baby is a concept that developed over the past 16 years as I struggled to find high quality, soft, comfortable clothing, as well as eco-friendly, organic, non-toxic toys, baby gear and products for my 5 children that actually work and stand the test of time and toddlers.  A search that was much harder than it should have been!
 I feel that baby and kids clothes should be as soft, comfy and stretchy as your favorite yoga pants.  Babies are incredibly flexible "Yogi Babies" and contort their bodies into all kinds of positions as they discover and explore the world - the last thing that should be restricting their movement is their clothing!  Anything that touches their sensitive skin should be luxuriously soft, stretchy, well made and non toxic; and their toys should engage their natural curiosity and imagination without overstimulating them or exposing them to harmful chemicals.  Most of all, shopping for them should be a peaceful, happy experience.  My goal is to bring you all of those things at Yogi Baby.  Let's face it, babies and kids are going to cry, but their clothing or toys shouldn't be why.  
I know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be as a new mom to walk into a warehouse sized store full of baby products and have no idea where to start or what to buy.  Through 16 years and 5 kids worth of trial and error, I could probably fill up a landfill with the products I've used that DON'T work - so wasteful and frustrating!  But hopefully I can save you that same headache because I can now share with you the products and brands that I absolutely love, that stand out head and shoulders above the rest.  If you don't see what you are looking for, check back again soon because we are continually adding exciting new products to the website.  Please be sure and check out our Yogi Mama blog where we have have partnered with other experienced moms and dads to bring you product reviews, videos and advice that just might make this wonderful, crazy, exhausting journey called parenting, just a little bit easier.  Thank you so much for choosing and trusting Yogi Baby! 
Love & Light - Christine, CEO and Mama to 5 Yogi Babies